Infrared Windows: Viewing Panes and Standards

Myths, Mesh, Chrystal and Clarity. Having spent a great deal of my professional life designing and selling both IR Windows and IR Cameras, it is interesting to see how manufacturers on both sides of an argument choose to state their case.

IR Windows Myths White Paper

A Infrared Windows manufacturer will raise a valid concern and then quote carefully selected sections of standards to support a certain position. In doing so however, they fail to display any technical knowledge with the consequence that their position falls well short of fully and properly addressing the valid concern that they raised.

QUESTION. Is there a disconnect in the interpretation of IR Windows and standards such as IEEE C37.20.2 Impact test requirements. Since crystal optics have a clear (and seemingly undisputed, even from manufacturers of polymer IR Windows) benefit of visual and infrared inspection in one IR Window, does the IEEE Impact test apply and do these devices derate your ‘gear if they can’t comply? However, the question isn’t actually a bad one to pose, if a response is given which takes account of the technical issues involved and overall objective rather than aimed at supporting a certain position.

ANSWER. No. To find out why and explore in more detail download our FREE white paper now.

Author: Tony Holiday, CorDEX Instruments.

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