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At CorDEX Instruments, safety is at the heart of what we do

Our products are designed, certified and manufactured to the highest standards. With safety and compliance as our core values, CorDEX products are there to help you perform tough jobs, in tough locations quickly and efficiently.

Our Products


Meet the ATEX and IECEx certified, intrinsically safe, toughpix digitherm. With its compact formfactor and powerful dual vision; visual and thermal sensors, ToughPIX DIGITHERM literally see’s your world in a different light.

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ToughPIX Digitherm camera
IR Windows


Are you concerned about electrical safety? Comply with NFPA70E and NFPA70B by installing IR Windows.

CorDEX SMART IR Windows not only help you comply with the latest editions of NFPA70E and NFPA70B, each IR Window includes a unique wireless RFID tag for simplified image tracking and condition based monitoring.


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