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From process plant and factory automation to marine engine rooms and personnel tracking, the MN4100 Dual Mode Automation Imager provides the solution. With its onboard webserver, dedicated MONITIR software, plus prewritten PLC function blocks for simple system integration, With its dual mode, thermal and visual sensors, the MW4100 is the flexible solution to your Automation Imager needs.

Featured: Automation Imager MN4100

Small and light enough to be picked up with two fingers, the MN4100 Dual Vision, Automation Imager, provides thermal imaging capability to new or existing control systems. With diverse applications, ranging from plant automation, security, home automation and marine, MN4100 is the flexible choice. Provided with prewritten PLC Function Blocks for Communication, Measurement and Analysis, MN4100 is simple to integrate into any Modbus/TCP  compatible control system.

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