FREE IR Windows White Paper Download – ‘IR Windows 101’

Download your FREE copy of our 'IR Windows 101 - The questions you were afraid to ask' White Paper today. An infrared (IR) Window, sometimes referred to as a viewport, a sightglass or a thermal window has traditionally been an inert device installed into electrical equipment to enable infrared thermal imagers to view the inside of cabinets safely, without exposing operators to live electrical equipment and dangers such as electric arc-flash.

A decade ago Infrared IR Windows were very much in their infancy, I remember attending trade-shows and having to explain what an IR Window was and why customers needed it. Back then, there was still the false belief held by many that thermal imagers could “see” through panel covers.

Today, things are very different, virtually all thermographers know about the existence of Infrared Windows even if they do not fully understand the value they bring. This value is not only in terms of safety it is also greater efficiency.

As switchgear safety systems improve, efficiency is increasingly a key driving factor.

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