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As leaders in the innovation and manufacture of Intrinsically Safe instruments used every day in the world’s most challenging work environments our KnowledgeHUB Resource Library provides a series of FREE white paper and eBook downloads focusing on the intrinsic safety in hazardous environments.

CorDEX Catalogue – Autumn/Winter 2015

CorDEX Catalogue image

Our Autumn/Winter product catalogue for 2015 features our full line of intrinsically safe tools, including the highly anticipated ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION and the GENESIS lighting range.

You will find up-to-date information and technical specifications on our line of intrinsically safe products, as well as guides to their compatibility with products such as CorDEX CONNECT and the new EXIS battery pack.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges in Potentially Explosive Environments.

CorDEX eBook - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges in Potentially Explosive Environments

The use of ultrasonic NDT devices is attractive because of their non-invasive nature. They don’t require a plant shutdown to obtain a measurement. However, deploying this kind of device within a hazardous (classified) location has implications for safe use that even NDT inspectors may not be fully aware of.

IR Windows 101 – The questions you we’re afraid to ask

An infrared (IR) Window, sometimes referred to as a viewport, a sightglass or a thermal window has traditionally been an inert device installed into electrical equipment to enable infrared thermal imagers to view the inside of cabinets safely, without exposing operators to live electrical equipment and dangers such as electric arc-flash.

Ex digital camera – 10 things to consider

Buying any Ex digital camera is a big commitment, even the simplest of Ex devices can be many times the cost of their non-Ex equivalent. Download our FREE eBook which includes the 10 key things to consider when making your purchase helping you find the right product for your needs no matter what industry or environment you work in.

Infrared Windows: Viewing Panes and Standards

Myths, Mesh, Chrystal and Clarity. Is there a disconnect in the interpretation of IR Windows and standards such as IEEE C37.20.2 Impact test requirements? Find all the answers here in our FREE White Paper.

Regulations governing the use of non-certified instruments

This white paper covers the use of non-certified instruments within potentially hazardous – including explosive – working environments

Inaccuracies Introduced Using Infrared Windows and Cameras

With increased focus on electrical safety and the widespread adoption by industry of NFPA-70E, infrared systems are increasingly becoming more popular. Download our FREE white paper now exploring inaccuracies in predicative maintenance.

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