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As leaders in the innovation and manufacture of Intrinsically Safe instruments used every day in the world’s most challenging work environments our news and blog provides all the latest industry, product and company news and blog posts. Keep an eye out for our series of white papers focusing on the designing for intrinsic safety in hazardous environments.

Featured: Mission: Break the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM

Posted on: 14th, November 2017

If you wanted to destroy a camera, there are a few ways you’d go about it. Blast it with high pressure water jets, drop...

Featured: TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM Series – Which One Is Right For You?

Posted on: 2nd, October 2017

We revealed our brand new ToughPIX III Series the other day, and now you can get your hands on these amazing new cameras! We...

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Posted on: 24th, November 2017

It’s Black Friday and that means one thing – SALE! We’re running a Buy One Get 2 FREE offer on...

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Posted on: 22nd, November 2017

The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM can hold its own in challenging environments. It can take all of the knocks and drops...

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TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM – Removable Rechargeable Battery

Posted on: 15th, November 2017

Ever been on a job and suddenly the battery level indicator starts flashing but there’s no removable battery? Your...

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TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM – Adaptive Thermal Blending

Posted on: 15th, November 2017

The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM has many standout features, separating it from the rest. One of these extraordinary features is the...

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Digital camera vs mobile phone – Rechargeable, removable battery

Posted on: 15th, November 2017

What’s the biggest gripe you have with your smartphone when you want to take lots of images? We can...

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Digital camera vs mobile phone – CorDEX CONNECT

Posted on: 10th, November 2017

Which smartphones provide their own image downloading and reporting software? We’re not aware of any. Cameras are built into...

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TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM – Motorised, auto focus

Posted on: 10th, November 2017

TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM’s combination of high resolution 5MP visual sensor, automatic motorised focus plus large depth of field means we’ve...

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Digital camera vs mobile phone – Image quality

Posted on: 8th, November 2017

Dedicated cameras have always been the go-to tool for taking pictures. Using a phone as a camera was unheard...

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TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM – Dual-mode visual and thermal imaging

Posted on: 6th, November 2017

Why have just visual mode or thermal imaging when you can have both in one dual-mode camera? That’s exactly...

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We’re exhibiting at PEFTEC 2017 in Antwerp!

Posted on: 2nd, November 2017

CorDEX Instruments are exhibiting at PEFTEC 2017, a focused international conference and exhibition for Analytical Chemists, Scientists, Process Operators,...

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Brighten up the dark nights with a FREE GENESIS Flashlight!

Posted on: 1st, November 2017

Do you want to light up the darker nights with one of our flashlights? Now’s your chance! We are...

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Come see CorDEX Instruments at STEM Centre, Middlesbrough

Posted on: 31st, October 2017

CorDEX Instruments are exhibiting at the Institute of Measurement event in Teesside. It’s the 30th annual control and electrical...

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