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CorDEX receives international safety certification for UT5000CorDEX welcomes international safety certification which will boost global sales of UT5000

Posted on: 17th, October 2011

CorDEX Instruments is gearing up for significant sales of its intrinsically safe thickness monitoring device after receiving an international safety certification from a global regulator on explosive environments and safety equipment.

The UT5000 Intrinsically Safe Thickness Gauge has been assessed and approved by IECEx, the globally recognised IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres.

The hand-held device, which is designed to measure the thickness of pipelines and materials in hazardous areas using non-destructive techniques, has already achieved ATEX certification and is approved for use in the European market.

Tony Holliday, CEO of CorDEX Instruments, the leading manufacturer of intrinsically safe and non-destructive testing products for the oil and gas industry, welcomed the IECEx certification and aims to market the device to an international industry audience.

He said: “Receiving IECEx certification for the UT5000 is an important step in delivering the device to the global marketplace. We are pleased the thickness gauge has come through the thorough examination process the certification assessment requires.

“We now have ATEX and IECEx certification for the UT5000 which will make it possible to market it to companies around the world. Asset integrity and corrosion testing is of the utmost importance for the oil and gas industry and this tool has the potential to transform the way operators work.

“Our equipment fits with what the energy sector seeks to do in relation to ageing assets and without the need to wait for a shutdown to conduct testing provides the opportunity for more comprehensive and regular inspections to be carried out.”

The UT5000 is currently being used by researchers at the University of Aberdeen to provide a new model for corrosion assessment to enhance oil and gas safety.

The aim of the ground-breaking research is to shed light on how corrosion develops spatially on steel pipelines and vessels to improve replacement decisions and integrity management and the UT5000 will give companies the ability to establish a predictive maintenance program to further improve safety.

Dr Neill Renton, head of chemical engineering within the School of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen, said: “The deterioration of assets through corrosion damage is a critical problem for the energy industry.

“This intrinsically safe device allows for testing during normal operations without the need for any hot-working and could allow testing on a much more regular basis giving us a greater ability to track corrosion over time.

“If a number of oil and gas companies use the technology then there would be a dramatic improvement in our understanding of deterioration with associated safety benefits.”

CorDEX has already established a reputation since it was launched in 2009 in the mining and chemicals sectors and is now positioning itself to become the United Kingdom’s premier manufacturer of handheld intrinsically safe tools for the oil and gas industry.

The Teesside-headquartered company has a network of distributers across the United States of America, South America Europe and the Middle East.

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