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IW Series intelligent IR Window certificationCorDEX Instruments IW Series Intelligent IR Windows are confirmed as arc flash resistant

Posted on: 18th, November 2013

CorDEX Instruments, manufacturer of high quality hand-held inspection & NDT devices for use within hazardous (potentially explosive) environments, is pleased to announce that its IW series of Intelligent Infrared Windows are confirmed as arc flash resistant.

Arc flash is an electric current that passes through air when insulation or isolation between electrified conductors is no longer sufficient to withstand the applied voltage. An arc flash can be extremely dangerous causing serious injury or even death as well as incurring significant equipment replacement costs and plant downtime.

Marcus Halliday, Business Development Director for CorDEX Instruments commented “Since the successful launch of the high quality CorDEX IW Series of Intelligent Infrared Windows, customers have enquired as to the arc flash resistance rating of our IR Windows. We recognised that this was important to customers and took the decision to confirm the level of resistance through stringent testing”

How have the IW Series Intelligent IR Windows been tested?

The CorDEX IW Series have been successfully tested against a 50kA short circuit for 1 second at 11kV. The test itself involves replicating an internal arc failure within an electrical switchgear unit with the purpose of ascertaining the ability of the CorDEX IW Series Intelligent Infrared Windows to remain attached to the equipment after an arc flash. This ensures that the CorDEX IW Series Intelligent Infrared Window does not become a dangerous projectile in the event of such an occurance.

Craig Bell, Managing Director for CorDEX Instruments confirmed that the CorDEX IW series have been sucessfully subjected to rigourous testing and commented “With regard to the duration and volt current, to my knowledge, no other IR Window on the market has passed an arc resistant test as severe as this”

The IW Series is the latest generation of Intelligent IR Windows from CorDEX Instruments and helps take electrical inspection and predictive maintenance to a new level of safety, efficiency and accuracy. With built-in RFID, barcoding and serial numbering the patented IW Series Intelligent IR Windows are all individually identifiable for transmission correction. As the IW series utilises a 1/4 turn access and spring loaded cover, the IW Series Intelligent IR Windows also reduces protective cover removal time.

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