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New ToughPIX II Battery PackToughPIX II Battery Pack: Updated

Posted on: 18th, December 2014

The new ToughPIX II Battery Pack is an evolution of the previous pack and is reverse compatible with all previous ToughPIX II Cameras.


  • The old battery pack has been discontinued
  • The new battery packs are orange
  • ToughPIX II shipments starting January 2015 will not be compatible with the old black battery pack
  • Part numbers will remain unchanged

Important Information for the ToughPIX II Battery Pack:

Please note that the special certified battery packs supplied with your CorDEX Instrument have different characteristics to the standard batteries used with domestic electrical devices.

The choice of battery chemicals is limited and they incorporate permanent electronic protection circuitry to achieve hazardous area certification. This has an effect on battery life both in use and in storage.

  • Batteries will lose their charge quite rapidly whether attached to the camera or not.
  • Batteries should always be charged immediately before use for maximum performance.
  • Batteries will degrade more rapidly than standard batteries and must be replaced regularly to maintain camera performance.
  • Low temperatures will seriously affect battery performance.

For more information on the ToughPIX II digital camera, battery pack, or any of our other intrinsically safe products, please contact us on +44 (0) 1642 454373.

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