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Headshot of Douglas Walker - Director of Research at CorDEXProfile: Douglas Walker, Director of Research at CorDEX

Posted on: 10th, January 2015

Douglas Walker is Director of Research for CorDEX who are leaders in the innovation and manufacture of instruments specifically created for safe use in hazardous environments.

About Douglas Walker

Over the last thirty years after graduating in NZ with a BE (electrical engineering) Douglas has developed a range of innovative solutions utilising available technology and resources in a creative way. These have been applied in promoting, specifying and implementing products in a wide range of areas within data communications and generic design services.

Within design services these include high frequency (3Gbps) data collection systems, imaging systems with CMOS sensors, IR camera design for both radiometric and gas applications, multi-processor system design using modular techniques for video on demand applications and ultrasound imaging systems for B-mode, M-mode and Doppler displays.

For data communications these include architecture of a dual-channel Fibre Channel to SONET (OC48) Bridge, VOIP phone/PBX/gateways including for ISDN BRI and E1/T1 for VOIP PBX with design to safety standards and for BT line interface standards, L3/IP router Switch Module architecture for L3/IP routing module for L2 switch and RMON (network monitoring) probe hardware design.

For CorDEX the design of ultrasound and imaging products specifically for use in hazardous environments has brought together diverse techniques to produce compact products which meet the IS/ATEX standards in addition to the normal EMC and safety directives. Specifically these have been applied to power distribution and barrier designs allowing high performance systems in compact form factors to be achieved.

You can connect to Douglas Walker on LinkedIn to follow his updates as well as accessing the latest in his white paper series below:


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