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TOUGHPIXII 2.2 explosion proof digital cameraChoosing an Ex Digital Camera for the Right Environment

Posted on: 15th, July 2015

It’s so important to choose an Ex digital camera that operates in the best way possible for the environment you work in. This means taking many different factors into consideration including the manufacturer, the lens, and even the flash. In this blog we look at some of the requirements you should think about before making the purchase.

Choose a digital camera that operates in your industry

Think about whether you will be using your camera in cold environments or if you will be wearing PPE or gloves.

If you’re required to work in a hazardous area then you know how tough it can be. You may be faced with extreme weather, sub-zero temperatures and even explosive atmospheres. Your digital camera should be designed for these types of environments and simple to use when wearing protective clothing such as bulky gloves or those made from fire retardant material.

The buttons on your digital camera, including the shutter and power buttons should be sufficiently spaced apart so that they do not interfere with one another. They should also be prominent enough so that they are easy enough to find.

Ensure it has a flash

You may work in areas that has extremely low lighting. This means that a flash is imperative. Your camera investment mst operate where you need to take a picture; whether it be indoors or outdoors, day or night.

Selecting a camera that has an on-board, high intensity flash is essential to ensure that your pictures are easily resolvable, even in the darkest of scenarios. A strobe type flash will not only illuminate close up targets, but also allow you to take wide area shots which are required for plant inspection and documentation.

TOUGHPIXII 2.2 explosion proof digital camera

Make sure it has the ability to focus correctly

A picture is worth a thousand words, but only if it’s in focus. Do you need to take images of, for example, rating plates or other machinery detail at distances less than 150mm? Or perhaps you’ve taken a close-up image before and it was out of focus so you have had to take it again?

Close-up imaging is a requirement of the industrial digital camera user, and most digital cameras are equipped with a ‘macro-mode’ function to achieve this. However, with automatic focussing, the camera may ignore the object you want to photograph and focus on other areas in its field of view instead. To achieve a sharp focus with macro mode, you will most certainly need an LCD display, good lighting conditions and a lot of patience.

Ensure your Ex digital camera provider is trusted

It is paramount that your Ex digital camera is fulfilled by a manufacturer with a strong track record, excellent service and the ability to support your needs anywhere in the world. This is where we come in.

Developing and manufacturing Ex products is hard enough, but supporting both the product and the user is even harder. Be sure that you select a manufacturer that has years of experience in the Ex digital camera market, a manufacturer who listens to your needs, and adapts to them providing you with a reputable product with years of evolution under its belt.

Which camera can do all of this?

Choose a camera that does all of this: The ToughPIX II explosion proof digital camera.

Why not watch our Tough TEST video where we put the ToughPIX II through its paces? Then you’ll see just how adaptable it is for your industry.

For more information on the ToughPIX II ATEX and IECEX explosion proof digital camera, go to the product page. You can also call us on +44 (0) 1642 454373 from the UK or +1 877 836 0764 from the US.

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