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CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Hand Held Worklight - GENESIS LightingIntroducing the New GENESIS Lighting Range

Posted on: 23rd, September 2015

You can now welcome power, longevity and flexibility to your fingertips with the new intrinsically safe GENESIS lighting solutions, all powered by the EXIS battery.

Our fresh new range of lighting is different from any other, with each product being rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability. Using the interchangeable EXIS smart battery pack, GENESIS can remain in a hazardous location as long as you require, providing 400 lumens of light for a virtually indefinite period.

What sets the GENESIS lighting range apart?

Your equipment must be reliable in the field that you work in, and with our state of the art lighting technology, you can be guaranteed a smooth experience.

Forget about having to return to the safe area to charge a battery or replace it for a new one, because with GENESIS Zone 1 Hot Swappable technology, you can replace your battery right there and then in the hazardous area. Think of the time and money you will save with equipment like this!

What products are available?

We have three brand new and advanced products within the GENESIS lighting range; these being the GENESIS Worklight, GENESIS Lantern, and GENESIS Flashlights, of which there are three varying in size and features. Let’s take a look at each one in succession…

GENESIS Worklight

The ATEX certified, intrinsically safe GENESIS Worklight is lightweight, ultra-compact, hand-portable and is powered by the Zone 1 interchangeable EXIS battery. Certified to Ingress Protection level (IP) 54, it is designed and tested to be rugged and safe within any hazardous environment. Pick it up, drop it wherever you wish and shine and light on the situation in the simplest of ways.

CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Hand Held Worklight - GENESIS Lighting


The ATEX Certified GENESIS Lantern is a hand-portable LED light that is both lightweight and rugged, with five super bright LEDs and is powered by the EXIS battery. Not only this, but it is also intrinsically safe and is certified to Industrial Protection level (IP) 54, allowing you to work safer and more efficiently in virtually any environment.

CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Hand Held Lantern - GENESIS Lighting

GENESIS Flashlight

Every product in our GENESIS Flashlight range is manufactured from the highest quality aircraft aluminium, offering complete support and intrinsic safety within dangerous working environments. These FL series ATEX Certified flashlights are impact resistant, shockproof, and are so durable you can even use them underwater. Incorporating super bright, white light LEDS powered by off-the-shelf batteries, these FL Series flashlights pack a big punch in a compact package. They’re probably the most rugged industrial flashlights on the market today.

CorDEX Intrinsically Safe Flashlight pack

The EXIS Powerpack


The GENESIS lighting range is powered by the smart EXIS powerpack, which has on-board energy level indication, along with a bluetooth enabled battery diagnostic station. This provides you with handy data relating to your battery health, charge state and a lot more; all via a dedicated PC application.

Find out more about the EXIS battery on our blog.

Check out our exciting new range of GENESIS lighting products over on our product pages. If you’d like more information, you can contact one of our dedicated sales advisors on +44 (0) 1642 454373 from the United Kingdom and +1 877 836 0764 from the United States of America.

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