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CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Battery PackThe EXIS Battery Pack Has Arrived

Posted on: 25th, September 2015

After all the hype surrounding the launch of our evolutionary and revolutionary new products, we can now reveal the EXIS intrinsically safe battery pack is finally here. A battery like no other, this intelligent power source is interchangeable in the field, even in the hazardous area.

CorDEX GENESIS lighting range

Ever been working away and had the battery die on the equipment that you’re using? Of course you have. We all have.

What very few people realise is that even if your battery is removable, it can rarely be removed and changed without having to return to a non-hazardous location. This means losing a significant amount of time when transiting to and from the hazardous location simply to change a battery. This seems like a ridiculous waste of both time and money, doesn’t it?

For tools with integral batteries, this irritating issue is further compounded in that the tool must be returned to the non-hazardous area and then put onto a charging station, rendering it useless for that time period. If you wanted to continue working, the only possible solution at that point in time would be to use a second tool. However, a second tool can be extremely pricey, as you may already know.

Thankfully, at last there is an answer that is going to save you time and money, as well as allowing you to continue working without pesky interruptions. The EXIS battery pack is here!

After over two years in development, CorDEX Instruments, in association with EXIS Energy Ltd, have created a series of tools that will transform the industries that we work in. These tools, including the GENESIS lighting range can be fitted with the extra long-life Lithium ion EXIS battery, which can be removed and replaced within any hazardous area, safely and efficiently. This safe removal is what is known as ‘Hot Swapping’.

The EXIS power pack will also allow you to use your intrinsically safe tools in a much smarter way than before, as you can interchange the battery pack between each piece of equipment, similar to non-IS power tools of today. One battery fits all. At 3000 mAh, this cutting edge lithium battery can power a range of CorDEX products with strength and precision. That’s how it should be! Just clip it onto your belt and swap around as you change between tools.

No longer is your working day restricted to the life of a single battery. Just look out for the Zone 1 Hotswap logo and ensure the tools you select work for you, rather than letting them dictate your working day.

For more information about EXIS or any of the new products including the GENESIS lighting range or the improved ToughPIX II TRIDENT Edition, call us on +44 (0) 1642 454373 from the United Kingdom or +1 877 836 0764 from the United States of America.

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