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Intrinsically safe tools range from CorDEXOur Intrinsically Safe Tools Range

Posted on: 9th, October 2015

From the success of our new product launch at Offshore Europe last month, we wanted to share with you all this video which showcases the latest in intrinsically safe tools, which was also shown at the event.

CorDEX is a recognised global authority in the manufacture of intrinsically safe and explosion proof instrumentation. Our brand range includes the following tools:

Each of these tools are amazing in their own way, providing features that will keep you safe and optimise your working time.

So, why choose these tools?

The GENESIS LED Worklight is ATEX and IECEx certified, and is rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability with power, longevity and flexibility at your fingertips. Powered by the interchangeable EXIS battery packs, it is long-lasting and zone 1 hot-swappable, meaning that it won’t cause any disruptions to your day. The Worklight is an attractive investment when it comes to working in the field, as not only is it lightweight and rugged, but it’s also hand-portable. Lighter, brighter and safer.

The GENESIS Lantern is also powered by the EXIS battery and as well as all of the features of the Worklight, it also has five super-bright white LEDs with 400 lumens high intensity output.

The ToughPIX TRIDENT Edition Explosion proof digital camera has a full colour armoured display, as well as an IP54 industrial protection rating that allows you to record and playback pictures and video in the field in the most demanding industrial environments. It comes with in-built FlashAir Wireless LAN and Energy Optimisation Pack that allows your system to dynamically match the instantaneous power requirements of the camera to that available at the battery. This fully featured compact digital SLR is 5x optical and 4x digital zoom, with macro lens and strobe flash. This allows you to get the image that you need with no issues at all.

Intrinsically safe tools range from CorDEX

The TC7000 intrinsically safe thermal imaging camera is rugged, tested and has feature rich certified design, meaning that you can be sure it will last the test of time. Tested for toughness, this beauty has passed our ToughTEST, which includes the onslaught of water, dust and repeated drops on hard concrete. With 13.5Mhz RFID data assignment, it can automatically collate images ready for reporting with it’s CorDEX CONNECT software.

The SAFIR IW Series is the latest generation of SMART infrared windows that operate with any thermal imager, helping take electrical inspection and predictive maintenance to a new level of safety, efficiency and accuracy. With its embedded 13.5Mhz RFID chip, you are enabled to complete open-architecture databasing with any compatible RFID enable device. A spring loaded hinge will help you avoid crowded panels which may restrict your view, opening and holding the cover automatically while you perform your survey.

The UT5000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge measures metal thickness for non-destructive testing and predictive maintenance on pipelines and fixed equipment within hazardous locations. From storage tanks to dust conveyors, it can measure thickness and detect problems safely in virtually any explosive environment.

Watch our video to find out more about our product range and become familiar with each of their significant features and benefits.

For more information on our great range of rugged and intrinsically safe tools, visit our product pages or our KnowledgeHUB for a pool of eBook and white paper resources.

if you’d like to speak to someone, then give us a call on +44 (0) 1642 454373 / from the United Kingdom or +1 877 836 0764 / from the United States.

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