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Posted on: 9th, October 2015

We’ve just unveiled a completely new area of our website which will make accessing eBooks and white papers so much easier. Welcome to the KnowledgeHUB.

As leaders in the innovation and manufacture of intrinsically safe instruments, which are used every day in the world’s most challenging work environments, our KnowledgeHUB Resource Library provides a series of FREE white paper and eBook downloads focusing on the intrinsic safety in hazardous environments.

User friendly and filtered by category, you can simply access industry content that is relevant to you and your job role. Whether you want to know about the dedicated tools we have researched, designed and manufactured for hazardous areas, intrinsic safety and how it can enhance your working day, or IR windows; everything is there for you to download at the click of a button.

CorDEX KnowledgeHUB

Head over there now to discover our latest in-depth eBooks and white papers for all the information you will ever need on our range of intrinsically safe tools.

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