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Feature Release: Feature Screen

Posted on: 11th, September 2017

We can exclusively reveal that the new CorDEX tool will have a full colour outdoor display which is fully armoured. Review images in any weather, day or night, in complete confidence with no need to worry about cracked screens and horrendous repair bills.

Why have we included a full colour display?

Our first response would be why not? Joking aside, our new tool will have thermal imaging capabilities, which will display full colour thermal images on the screen. No more waiting around to get back to the office to download them onto a computer before you see if they’re any good. A full colour display ensures that you will view the images as they are meant to be seen.

Why does it have a fully armoured screen?

Imagine having a tool which gives you thermal imaging capabilities, but the screen is too fragile to risk taking it in hazardous areas. Short of avoiding all precarious environments, there’s not much you can do to avoid the risk of damaging the screen. With our tool, you no longer have to worry about cracking your screen when you’re busy at work. Rugged, resilient and ready for action, the screen is built to defend against all weathers, knocks and drops.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the next feature release. It keeps everyone connected, allows for instantaneous information and accessibility… what could it be?

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