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Feature Release: LED Flash

Posted on: 22nd, September 2017

Our new CorDEX tool won’t leave you in the dark with its built in LED flash. Built to last, the LED flash is an integral feature in our new tool, providing bright white LED illumination with minimal battery power.

What is an LED flash?

An LED flash produces light through light emitting diodes (LEDs). The LED technology makes the flash cooler, tougher and more energy efficient. This is good news as LED is leading a revolution in the screen technologies of many electronic devices. One advantage for using LEDs is that it is easier to control giving improved images in difficult lighting conditions.

What are the benefits of an LED flash?

• A LED flash are efficient and cool compared to other lighting sources
• A LED flash a small, resulting in a more compact device
• A LED flash is driven by efficient power storage devices to obtain a fast bright flash
• A LED flash has long life
• A LED flash creates more controllable light for better images

Has this shone a light on what the new tool could be? If you’re still unsure what it is, you won’t have to guess much longer as all will be revealed soon! Keep an eye on your inbox for the big reveal…

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