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Feature Release: Lightweight

Posted on: 18th, September 2017

Carrying equipment around with you while working is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. You need tools that are lightweight, easy to carry and won’t drag you down. That’s why we’ve made our new tool light enough for you to carry in every situation.

What are the benefits of a lightweight tool?

Since the new CorDEX tool has a super light profile, it ensures you will never miss an opportunity to uncover invisible issues and offer helpful solutions in real time. You will be able to carry it with you everywhere and have it on hand should you need to use it. This will improve efficiency and productivity, and in turn produce better results.

Another advantage to the tool being lightweight is that it frees up room for your other essential instruments. This will save the amount of trips you need to take, as you will be able to transport all of your necessities at once.

However, don’t mistake lightweight for basic, as this tool is anything but. It packs a punch in features, while remaining impressively light.

Any idea what it is yet? The next feature reveal will be dropping into your inbox very soon, and it’s one we’re renowned for…

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