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Feature Release: Removable Memory Card

Posted on: 15th, September 2017

Lengthy transfer times are a thing of the past since our new CorDEX tool includes a removable memory card. There’s no relying on cables and leads to download images and information from this device. Likewise, the removable memory card allows for easy and efficient downloads as soon as you need them.

The memory card comes in two sizes – 8GB and 16GB, providing plenty of room for all your information and images. The tool comes with an 8GB card as standard, with the option to purchase a separate 16GB. Since the memory card is removable, once it’s full you can easily swap it with another one, enabling you to carry on using the product.

Time is precious, we know that, and that is why we have included this time saving feature to help you get as much out of the product as possible.

Any idea what it is yet? You won’t have long to WEIGHT before the next feature release…

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