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Feature Release: Thermal

Posted on: 8th, September 2017

Our new CorDEX tool will feature thermal imaging capabilities, designed for a wide range of building, electrical and mechanical issues. A thermal feature that can provide fully radiometric images capable of capturing measurement data from 4800 points for analysis either on screen or later with CorDEX CONNECT PC software.

What is thermal imaging used for?

Thermal Imaging can be defined as: “The use of special electronic equipment, in conditions in which it is difficult to see, to create a picture based on the heat produced by a person or object” – (Cambridge Dictionary, 2017)

Thermal imaging is the result of translating thermal energy (heat) into visible light. This creates thermal images which can be used to analyse surroundings. Heat is emitted from both living things and mechanical equipment, making them visible to thermal devices even in the dark.

Thermal imaging is playing a huge part in the home inspection industry, becoming a common tool among workmen to locate leaks, determine insulation condition and verify building performance. Here is a list of potential uses for thermal imaging:

  • Locating hot spots in panels caused by electrical faults
  • Detecting leaks on flat roof buildings
  • Inspecting heat loss and insulation of buildings
  • Locating radiant heat in wires or pipes
  • Inspecting mechanical bearings
  • Detecting thermal pattern on boiler tubes
  • Locating potential areas for mould growth

How can thermal imaging benefit me?

Reduce risk – reduce the possibility of unplanned downtime and minimize the risk of arc flash. Regularly checking equipment health and keeping a safe distance from equipment during inspection can mitigate substantial risk.

Lower costs – finding potential failures sooner can mitigate expensive repairs in the long run. It can also reduce overtime and extend equipment life.

Make more money – electrical contractors and professional thermographers can provide thermal and infrared inspections as part of their service offering.

Increase productivity – rule out possible issues faster by seeing the whole picture with infrared images.

Do you know what our new CorDEX tool is yet? Keep an eye on your inbox for the next feature release. Something durable, visual and vital for outdoors… what could it be?

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