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Feature Release: WiFi

Posted on: 13th, September 2017

It’s hard to remember a time without WiFi. It’s become an essential in our society, allowing us to be connected at all times and transfer information to each other in an instant. We realise the prevalence and importance of it, and that’s why we have included WiFi as a feature in our new product.

What are the benefits of WiFi?

• It provides convenience and efficiency of information transfer
• It enables mobility and internet can be accessed via public wireless networks
• Productivity can increase as more work can be accomplished from a convenient location

The new CorDEX tool also includes built in image transfer, remote control and streaming. It can be point to point or connected to plant WiFi and accessed via an onboard webserver, allowing you to make critical decisions much faster.

You will be able to download images via the CorDEX CONNECT app or access them directly via an onboard webserver. All thermal images can be transferred immediately, making building inspections, report taking and confirming repairs a smoother and quicker process.

Have you guessed what it is yet? Keep an eye on your inbox for the next reveal, it’s a removable one…

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