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Digital camera vs mobile phone – CorDEX CONNECT

Posted on: 10th, November 2017

Which smartphones provide their own image downloading and reporting software? We’re not aware of any.

Cameras are built into smartphones as standard nowadays, but additional software is generally not provided. This is because the camera function isn’t generally the main selling point of phones.

That’s where we differ. We provide bespoke, comprehensive dedicated reporting software called CorDEX CONNECT. This app means you can download all of the images you take, add annotations to them, report on findings and sort through them as you wish.

With many other features, this software provides the user with not just a camera, but a system whereby it can help you one step further in reporting findings to streamline your processes and save you time.

Why use a smartphone camera when the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM provides you with all of its great features PLUS this amazing software?

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