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Digital camera vs mobile phone – Image quality

Posted on: 8th, November 2017

Dedicated cameras have always been the go-to tool for taking pictures. Using a phone as a camera was unheard of just a few years ago. However, phone cameras have improved a lot over recent years, and some would say they are just as good as digital cameras.

That’s where we disagree.

A smartphone’s primary purpose isn’t to take photographs, and this puts them at an immediate disadvatange. To make room for other functionalities, it has to make compromises, and this means that smartphone cameras simply can’t match the quality of a dedicated digital visual camera.

A dedicated camera has one purpose and one purpose only – to take quality images, and that’s exactly what the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM does.

It takes exceptional visual images, thermal images, and Adaptive Thermal Blending images. It’s rugged, meaning it’s dust, water and drop proof, and most importantly, is Intrinsically Safe, so you can take it into hazardous areas without worry. It’s also a temperature tracker, monitoring the hottest and coldest spots in your subject matter.

Digital camera vs Mobile phone camera? We think there’s no competition.

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