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Digital camera vs mobile phone – Rechargeable, removable battery

Posted on: 15th, November 2017

What’s the biggest gripe you have with your smartphone when you want to take lots of images? We can guess short battery life is up there.

There’s nothing worse than being away from a power source with a fully charged smartphone, only for the battery to run out halfway through a job.

With most modern smartphones, the battery is inbuilt and the only solution is to stop what you’re doing and head back to the nearest power socket and wait a couple of hours for it to charge up again.

This wastes valuable work time, as well as interrupting your working day.

We’ve eradicated this issue with the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM. It comes with a rechargeable, removable battery. This gives you absolute control on how long you want the camera to last for, as you can bring a spare battery or two, and change it on site (as long as the change takes place in a non-hazardous area).

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