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TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM – Dual-mode visual and thermal imaging

Posted on: 6th, November 2017

Why have just visual mode or thermal imaging when you can have both in one dual-mode camera?

That’s exactly what we’re offering with the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM. Comprising of a 5-megapixel visual sensor with ultra-bright LED flash, this camera takes crystal clear, high resolution digital images in broad daylight or absolute darkness.

In addition to its high spec visual camera, DIGITHERM includes infrared (LWIR) vision with a 80×60 thermal sensor array to provide dual-mode imaging with radiometric capability.

DIGITHERM makes full use of its dual-mode capability with ATB (Adaptive Thermal Blending) to display detail from both visible and thermal images simultaneously. Perfect for accurately locating and documenting temperature measurements.

Compact and effective dual-mode visible and IR imaging. DIGITHERM is the solution.

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