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TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM – Motorised, auto focus

Posted on: 10th, November 2017

TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM’s combination of high resolution 5MP visual sensor, automatic motorised focus plus large depth of field means we’ve made focussing on a subject easier than ever.

The camera takes care of those critical close ups and long-range shots automatically. It simply focusses automatically and instantly without you having to worry about manually configuring the settings.

DIGITHERM has the ability to resolve images as close as 5cm away with crystal clear detail for targets approaching 1mm square. No macro mode switches plus real-time review of images there and then to ensure you get the detail you need without having to return at a later date. Just point the camera, let it focus, check the image on the full colour display and hit shoot.

Let the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM do the work.

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