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CorDEX thumbnail imageTOUGHPIX DIGITHERM – Removable Rechargeable Battery

Posted on: 15th, November 2017

Ever been on a job and suddenly the battery level indicator starts flashing but there’s no removable battery? Your only solution is to wait until you get to a power source, plug it in and wait for it to charge up. This not only cuts into valuable time, but it interrupts whatever job you were on with.

The DIGITHERM solves this issue. It comes with a removable rechargeable battery, meaning you can bring spare charged batteries with you and have potentially limitless time using the camera.

The battery replacement needs todone in a safe area so you will have to step out of the hazardous area, but as soon as it’s inserted you’re good to go again. Save time, save waiting around and save the panic of seeing the sign ‘battery low’.

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