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IR Windows Lowdown: What is an Infrared (IR) Window?

Posted on: 20th, February 2018

Thermal imaging has become one of the best methods to identify issues in low, medium and high voltage equipment. However, thermographers can be put at risk when using the traditional method of thermal camera technology while carrying out inspections.

This is where infrared (IR) windows come in. Infrared thermography is a proven technique for inspecting live electrical equipment without removing panel covers.

An IR window is an optic material that allows IR energy to pass through it and a holder/body. IR windows can be round, square, even little more than a hole, while others are high quality crystal optics. Regardless of the design, they all perform a single simple function; IR windows allow infrared inspections of live electrical equipment, without removing covers or doors.

Preferably, all electrical enclosures should have an IR window, provided there is adequate access for thermal imaging. Reason being, opening lighting panels for an infrared inspection takes manpower, time and comes with a safety risk.

Some examples of where IR windows are usually considered include:

• Distribution panels
• High and medium voltage switchgear cabinets
• Motor control centres
• Dry-type transformers
• High and medium circuit breakers
• Control cabinets

Look out for our next blog exploring the value IR windows can provide!

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