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How to update firmware on the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM

Posted on: 5th, February 2018

Firmware updates are provided electronically and are uploaded into the camera using the memory card as shown.

It’s important to note that ToughPIX allows users to update firmware in any direction, therefore, it is important to check the current operating firmware version and compare with the version being uploaded to the camera to ensure that the version being uploaded has the desired feature set. The current firmware version is shown in the firmware & alignment menu, in this example, the camera is running

The firmware update file itself references the camera model not the revision, the revision and the corresponding information relating to the updates are held in the Release Note which forms part of the firmware update package provided.

In this case, the camera model is TP3r and as such the update file is named TP3r.aes, this file name must not be altered and it’s important to note that since the firmware relates to the camera features the “Ex” will not appear on the firmware file as the camera feature set is irrespective of the Ex certification.

Insert the CorDEX USB card reader into a suitable PC and then place the memory card into the reader. Once the card is recognized by the PC, open the drive so that the subfolder named DCIM is visible.

Copy and paste the tp3r.aes file into the root directory on the memory card, then, insert the care into the camera and power up as normal. Enter the firmware and alignment menu and highlight Update Firmware Now and push the control stick in. The camera will update the firmware and reboot.

Updating the wifi firmware if performed in the same manner with the corresponding wifi .bin update file.

Once the camera reboots, re-enter the Firmware & Alignment menu and confirm that the uploaded firmware revision matches the new version supplied.

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