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IR Windows Lowdown: CorDEX Smart IR windows the next generation

Posted on: 8th, March 2018

The IW Series SMART IR Windows are not only cost effective, simple to install and extremely rugged, but they are SMART too. Incorporating an embedded RFID tag, each UL and CSA Recognised SMART IR Window can communicate wirelessly with any suitably RFID enabled device providing a unique serial number. We are the only manufacturing company to include the RFID tag on our smart windows.

Features of our IR windows include:

-Low profile design

Smooth, rounded edges, slim profile and typical switchgear colouring match your host equipment perfectly, for a seamless installation.

-Impact resistant clear cover

Protect your investment and maximise your return. The impact resistant clear cover helps prevent accidental damage whilst at the same time allowing visual inspection and confirmation of equipment status.

-Spring loaded hinge

Avoid crowded panels restricting your view. Install IW Series in any orientation and its spring loaded hinge will open and hold the cover automatically while you perform your survey.

-Anodised aluminium housing

Your switchgear body is made of metal, so your IR window body should be also. Ensure you are not at risk of electric shock with this fully grounded, corrosion protected design.

-Delivered fully assembled

No need to waste time and lose parts by removing screws and reassembling. Simply open the package, install and go.

-13.5mhz RFID tag

Wirelessly identify each IR window with its unique, embedded RFID tag. Build databases of your IR window inspections with any 13.5Mhz RFID enabled tool, or take advantage of CorDEX CONNECT software and enabled tools to do it for you!

-Broadband HYDROGARD™ coated crystal

Operates with any camera; digital, infrared or ultraviolet, the HydroGARD coated optic is designed to be flexible and last the test of time.

-Quarter turn quick release mechanism

Captive ¼ turn locking mechanism saves you money every time you use it. Simply twist the key 90 degrees and the IR window automatically opens.

With regards to the CorDEX IW Series, the outer protective cover is the viewing pane, during the UL testing this cover is subject to impact testing mentioned by our competitor and yes, this cover must remain in place and not crack or shatter. But please note that this clear cover also enables the engineer to visually inspect the integrity of the crystal prior to opening the cover.

We can safely say that all other IR Windows currently on the market do not have this secondary level of safety – you would have to open/remove the protective cover of their IR Window before establishing if the polymer/crystal has been compromised (melted/shattered etc) potentially putting the engineer at risk.

CorDEX IR windows are designed to perform fast and safe infrared surveys of electrical equipment across all industry sectors. IR windows are the best of the best when your priority is maximum flexibility and usability coupled with longevity and safety.

Interested in having a look at our range of IR windows? Simply click here to view what we have to offer.

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