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Lighting up the darkness – Hot Swappable EXIS Batteries

Posted on: 28th, March 2018

When you’re working in a hazardous area, the last thing you need is for your luminaire’s battery to run out…

If this unfortunate scenario happens, you’re left with 2 options. Either head back to base where you have to wait for the battery to charge up before you can safely swap them and head back into the hazardous area. This takes up unnecessary time, and it goes without saying it is very inconvenient.

The other option you have is to swap your battery while you’re working. But what if you’re in a hazardous area?

This is where the incredible EXIS Battery pack steps in.

The EXIS Battery pack is the world’s first interchangeable and intrinsically safe battery. With significantly rugged engineering, EXIS not only delivers maximum power and energy, but it is also incredibly long lasting.

It is hot swappable in the hazardous area and 3000 mAh, meaning this cutting edge lithium battery can power a range of CorDEX products with strength and precision.

EXIS lasts a lot longer than most, features an onboard, intelligent charge indicator and offers extreme power for hazardous

Being able to swiftly make a transition between products with no downtime, charging time, or the need for extras, greatly reduces cost.

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