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Lighting up the darkness – How much light do we need?

Posted on: 13th, March 2018

How much light do we need to perform jobs and tasks safely and to a sufficient standard?

When performing routine and emergency maintenance, inspection, quality control or any number of equally critical tasks required to keep a plant running, it is imperative that the area is kept well-lit. These potentially hazardous environments can often suffer from low light and darkness, which is a potential danger to all personnel operating in the vicinity.

So the question is, how much light is sufficient for your environment? The level of lighting needed will differ depending on the situation and requirements, but if working in a hazardous area it is imperative you get the right lighting solution.

How do we quantify the sufficient amount? Lighting solutions are measured in ‘Lumens’. For example, low power torches and flashlights have only a few lumens, whereas more powerful work lights can have outputs of hundreds of lumens.

To sum up, the more lumens a lighting instrument has, the more light is being provided by the luminaires, which is going to light up the environment sufficiently and make it easier and safer to work for all.

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