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Benefits of an effective maintenance and monitoring programme

Posted on: 17th, April 2018

Corrosion testing can be an operator’s best insurance against preventable corrosion related problems.

When looking at the benefits of an effective corrosion maintenance and monitoring program it must be kept in perspective that the oil, gas and chemical industries lose billions of dollars every year through unexpected shutdowns on pipelines or plants, and in reduced productivity.

Effective corrosion control can extend the useful life of all pipelines and tanks. The increase risk of pipeline/tank failures far outweigh the costs associated with installing, monitoring, and maintaining corrosion control systems. Preventing pipelines from deteriorating and failing will save money, preserve the environment, and protect public and workforce safety.

One of the biggest problems faced with pipelines and tanks is the erosion that they face internally. The harsh weather and locations that the pipes are situated in are not always the worst that the metal surfaces face. Even with suitable maintenance, every pipeline system will eventually deteriorate. Corrosion and erosion can weaken the structural integrity of a pipeline and make it an unsafe medium for transporting potentially hazardous materials.

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