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How does the UT5000 overcome issues?

Posted on: 17th, April 2018

The UT5000 is the perfect solution to the problems associated with corrosion detection on an operating petrochemical facility.

With its certified, intrinsically safe design, it allows you to work in hazardous areas drastically reducing downtime and internal administration when applying for hot work permits. The UT5000 allows you to get on site, and get the job completed safer, faster and better.

Using the UT5000 you can pick up on reduction in metal thickness using its unique MultiECHO™ technology or even uncover pitting in a pipeline using Corrosion mode; making use of constant-real time measurements giving maximum, minimum and average values.

UT5000 is also supported by CorDEX CONNECT™ software, designed to download the stored information form the device, allowing the user to create historical trend graphs and reports from the data collected. The software also gives you the ability to associate photos taken with your hazardous area camera to help visually aid any reports that you may create.

UT5000 Intrinsically safe thickness gauge in combination with CorDEX CONNECT software helps to save you time by eliminating administration problems in getting ‘hot work’ permits, collecting data and compiling reports. It will also save you money, allowing you to perform important inspection work in areas that would normally require plant shut-downs or downtime. And finally the UT5000 will help to increase safety of your workforce allowing for safe use in hazardous areas, whilst tracking deterioration of ageing assets and in turn reducing potential risks.

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