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What is Ultrasonic Testing?

Posted on: 5th, April 2018

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a widely used, nondestructive test for measuring the thickness of a material from one side. Ultrasonic inspection is performed using high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements.

It can be used for material characterization, dimensional measurements and flaw detection/evaluation. These tests are often carried out on various plastics, glass, metals, composites and ceramic materials.

Ultrasonic Testing is a very useful and versatile nondestructive test method. Some of the advantages of ultrasonic inspection can include:

  • Detailed images can be produced with automated systems
  • Minimal part preparation is required
  • Depth of flaw detection or measurement is superior to other nondestructive test methods
  • Electronic equipment provides instantaneous results
  • It is extremely accurate in determining reflector position, size and shape
  • It is sensitive to both surface and subsurface discontinuities

Another benefit of Ultrasonic Testing is test pieces do not need to be cut or sectioned. This is because a testing technician will only require access to one side of the test material, and nothing needs to go beyond this surface.

Keep a look out for our next UT blog, where we will be detailing where best Ultrasound Thickness testing can be utilised.

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