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Where is the need for Ultrasonic Testing?

Posted on: 9th, April 2018

In our last blog, we explored how Ultrasonic Testing is a very effective nondestructive test to measure the thickness of various materials.

If you want to catch up on that blog, simply click here.

Today we are looking at where best this method of testing is used.

One of the most important industries that benefit from Ultrasonic Testing services are the oil and petroleum industries, where tanks, tubes and welded pipes are often tested, namely for corrosion of wall thicknesses in tanks, pipes, molded plastics and turbine blades.

Other industries that utilise this method of NDA are: Aerospace, Defence, Offshore, Marine along with heavy equipment & machinery manufacturers who use Ultrasonic NDT for meeting quality standards.. They will frequently test welds in joined structural steel parts and similar materials. Welds and welded materials need to be fast and flawless, and this testing is paramount in this industry

The range of applications that this testing method can be used on is vast; many industries need to test and retest the products they’re producing every day. Some examples include steel beams, pipelines, rails and engines, car frames, boat hulls and plastic parts associated with assembly lines and medical equipment.

Interested in Ultrasonic Testing for your company? Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we will look into what our own Ultrasonic Testing device, the UT5000, can do for you!

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