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Man with infrared camera and IR windowConcerned about NFPA70E?

Posted on: 30th, July 2018

Want to ensure you get your IR Window placement correct every time? Then read on!

Electrical safety in the workplace is everyone’s concern. Electrocution and Arc-flash risk aren’t only found in traditional heavy industry but in everyday locations too.

From hotels and casinos to airports and transportation systems, the risk of working on live electrical equipment is well documented.

The Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, NFPA70E , is designed to help provide a safe working environment by quantifying the various risks and offering safety solutions such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Man with infrared camera and IR window

How can we help?

For infrared professionals, these PPE based solutions can make camera operation difficult if not impossible, but there is another way, IR Windows.

IR Windows are a proven method of reducing risk associated with electrical Infrared inspections of live equipment. However, adding IR Windows is not enough. If the positioning is incorrect, your valuable investment can be rendered worthless.

That’s why we’ve devised an article dedicated to helping you get your IR Window placement correct every time.

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