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CorDEX Instruments Intelligent Infrared Windows help comply with electrical safety standards

Posted on: 13th, July 2018

Our selection of Intelligent Infrared Windows increase the speed and effectiveness of electrical infrared inspection and thermal imaging, as well as significantly reduce costs.

The IW2000, IW3000 and IW4000 windows help companies comply with NFPA70E electrical standards and are fully certified and tested to UL50, UL50V and UL1558. This ensures inspection and predictive maintenance are taken to a new level of safety, efficiency and accuracy.

IR windows allow engineers to inspect hundreds of electrical connections and components through a data collection point, while never opening the energised electrical equipment. Modern IR windows are designed to protect against the risk of arc flash hazards which can pose significant safety challenges wherever industrial electrical equipment is used. An arc flash is a type of electrical explosion which can be triggered by a variety of electro-mechanical and accidental causes.

We have built a strong reputation of developing and manufacturing products which are made for hazardous environments and its Intelligent IR windows allow inspections to be carried out with minimum fuss and without the need to shut down the equipment or use bulky protective clothing while it is live.

Sales Director, Marcus Halliday, said: “As electrical equipment is upgraded around the world to meet modern industry standards the need for effective electrical inspection and thermal imaging will continue to grow.

“Our IW series of Intelligent Infrared Windows has been developed and tested to the highest industry standards and combined with our industry-leading software and smartphone app will save valuable time in the field as well as make the monitoring process more efficient and cost-effective.”

Our Intelligent IR Windows use a unique and simple quarter turn fixing and spring-loaded hinged cover which dramatically reduces the time spent on regular inspections and saves up to ten seconds per window when compared with some competitors. They are also completely removable and reusable, helping to reduce future capital costs.

The windows are supplied with downloadable CorDEX CONNECT™ and RoutePLANNIR™ software packages which give users the ability to track, monitor and correct data collected from individual windows. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and barcode features, engineers can also input and log readings, calibration maps and algorithms against individual windows or access specific transmission correction figures, create maintenance scheduling and plan inspection routes.

The app’s transmission function also allows the user to obtain IW Series Window specific transmission data by entering the windows can be recorded manually to obtain the transmission correction. Users can also use the app to contact a CorDEX representative should they require any assistance.

We have developed a range of bespoke hand-held technologies ideally suited to the hazardous environments of the energy industry. Manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards, its intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment eliminates the need for shutdown or hot work permits in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection.

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