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Are you Infra-Ready? Introducing Module Two

Posted on: 5th, December 2018

We’ve already covered what you can expect to find in Module One in a previous post, which if you missed you can catch up on by clicking the link below.

Read more about Module One.

Now we’re going to expand on what subjects you will find in Module Two!

Some of the subjects you can expect from Module Two include:

  • Powering up and navigating menus
  • Setting up the battery pack
  • Downloading up to date firmware
  • Identification of all information displayed on screen
  • Working the time lapse feature
  • Explanation of different image types
  • Connecting your DIGITHERM to WiFi
  • Using alignment and measurement range

Want to begin?

Click here to access module two. Simply scroll down to Training and select Module Two.

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