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Category: Awards

Queen's Award logo
North East based CorDEX wins Queen’s Award

Posted on: 8th, May 2014

CorDEX Instruments Ltd is proud to announce that it has won the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2014. The...

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Canadian Standards Association approve IR Windows mounting hardware
CorDEX Instruments Receives Certification Approval of IW Series Intelligent IR Windows by Canadian Standards Association

Posted on: 22nd, October 2012

We are proud to announce that we have received certification approval of the IW Series Intelligent IR Windows by The...

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CorDEX receives international safety certification for UT5000
CorDEX welcomes international safety certification which will boost global sales of UT5000

Posted on: 17th, October 2011

CorDEX Instruments is gearing up for significant sales of its intrinsically safe thickness monitoring device after receiving an international...

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CorDEX team at HazardEX winning technical innovation award
CorDEX recognised with national technical innovation award

Posted on: 25th, February 2011

CorDEX Instruments, manufacturer of explosion proof equipment, has won a national technical innovation award for a new handheld distance...

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