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Category: IR Windows

Intrinsically safe IR window from CorDEX
Why Choose Our SMART Infrared Windows?

Posted on: 17th, July 2017

Are you concerned about arc flash but understand the benefit of infrared inspections? Then what you need is IR...

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thermal imaging image
What is a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Posted on: 24th, July 2015

A thermal imaging camera can also be referred to as an infrared camera or thermal imager. At their most...

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IR Window
Front Cover Fixing Methods for IR Windows

Posted on: 2nd, April 2015

Taken from our insightful e-book on IR Windows, we take a look at the front cover fixing methods of...

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IR Windows optics
IR Windows Optics: What’s Available?

Posted on: 2nd, April 2015

One of the first things we need to get our heads around when it comes to IR cameras, is...

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IR Window
IR Windows Mounting Hardware

Posted on: 2nd, April 2015

In this blog, we will be exploring the many options of IR Windows mounting hardware available. This is part...

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Man with infrared camera and IR window
Case Study: Pacific Drilling Opts for Geo Therm Ltd and CorDEX Infrared Windows

Posted on: 31st, March 2015

This panoramic view of a Nigerian sunset was shot from Pacific Drilling’s drillship Pacific Khamsin with the Pacific Bora...

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IR Windows 101 white paper image
‘IR Windows 101: The answers to the questions you were afraid to ask’

Posted on: 11th, March 2015

Are you considering using IR Windows? Then you need to download your FREE copy of our ‘IR Windows 101:...

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image of transmission correction through Crystal IR Windows
Transmission Correction through Crystal IR Windows – Not so straight forward!

Posted on: 27th, March 2014

When using Crystal IR Windows in your predictive maintenance program you must firstly consider the fact that they are not...

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IW Series intelligent IR Window certification
IR Window Certification – Be careful, it’s a minefield of false information out there!

Posted on: 27th, February 2014

So the question you probably have is why is the IR Window certification process such a minefield. Well that...

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Image of transmission correction through polymer mesh IR Windows
Transmission Correction through Polymer Mesh IR Windows – Mission Impossible?

Posted on: 27th, January 2014

When looking at the Crystal IR Windows transmission diagrams, we have been able to assume that there is an...

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IW Series intelligent IR Window certification
CorDEX Instruments IW Series Intelligent IR Windows are confirmed as arc flash resistant

Posted on: 18th, November 2013

CorDEX Instruments, manufacturer of high quality hand-held inspection & NDT devices for use within hazardous (potentially explosive) environments, is...

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