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Category: Product Launch

All the news and updates on our latest product launch can be found here.


Posted on: 12th, October 2017

The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM is built to perform. As well as protecting itself from the elements with its fully armoured...

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Posted on: 6th, October 2017

Looking for infrared vision and a digital camera all in one? Look no further. You can capture, document and...

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Posted on: 6th, October 2017

The all new TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM camera is designed to be pushed to the extreme. It is built with the...

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TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM Series – Which One Is Right For You?

Posted on: 2nd, October 2017

We revealed our brand new ToughPIX III Series the other day, and now you can get your hands on...

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Feature Release: LED Flash

Posted on: 22nd, September 2017

Our new CorDEX tool won’t leave you in the dark with its built in LED flash. Built to last,...

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Feature Release: Intrinsically Safe

Posted on: 20th, September 2017

CorDEX DIGITHERM is the only certified intrinsically safe dual-mode digital and thermal camera available… the world What does intrinsically...

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Feature Release: Lightweight

Posted on: 18th, September 2017

Carrying equipment around with you while working is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. You...

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Feature Release: Removable Memory Card

Posted on: 15th, September 2017

Lengthy transfer times are a thing of the past since our new CorDEX tool includes a removable memory card....

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Feature Release: WiFi

Posted on: 13th, September 2017

It’s hard to remember a time without WiFi. It’s become an essential in our society, allowing us to be...

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Feature Release: Feature Screen

Posted on: 11th, September 2017

We can exclusively reveal that the new CorDEX tool will have a full colour outdoor display which is fully...

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Feature Release: Thermal

Posted on: 8th, September 2017

Our new CorDEX tool will feature thermal imaging capabilities, designed for a wide range of building, electrical and mechanical...

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Feature Release: Rugged

Posted on: 6th, September 2017

Tough jobs call for tough equipment. In environments exposed to extreme weather, excessive motion, exposure to various elements and...

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