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Category: Products

Our new product revealed…

Posted on: 10th, September 2018

CorDEX Instruments introduces the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM TP3rEx(US), fully-functioning compact, intrinsically safe, digital imaging camera. The latest edition of TOUGHPIX...

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Intrinsically safe IR window from CorDEX
Why Choose Our SMART Infrared Windows?

Posted on: 17th, July 2017

Are you concerned about arc flash but understand the benefit of infrared inspections? Then what you need is IR...

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CorDEX December lighting promotion image 2015
December Lighting Promotion

Posted on: 15th, December 2015

The CorDEX intrinsically safe portable lighting range provides a lightweight and compact solution to your site lighting needs. Packing...

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UT5000 Ultrasonic thickness gauge
Why Choose Our Intrinsically Safe Thickness Gauge?

Posted on: 10th, December 2015

We know that your working environment is extremely tough, and that’s why you need our tools. At CorDEX we...

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TC-Series Thermal Imaging Camera
Why Choose Our Thermal Imaging Camera?

Posted on: 5th, November 2015

Our products are second to none and take first place when it comes to intrinsic safety, ruggedness and feature...

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pipeline corrosion inspection
Ultrasonic Gauges and Corrosion Inspection

Posted on: 16th, October 2015

In the next snippet from our most recent eBook on ‘Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges in Potentially Explosive Environments’, we look...

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Pipes image
The Basics of Ultrasonic Measurement

Posted on: 14th, October 2015

Taken from our most recent eBook entitled ‘Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges in Potentially Explosive Environments’, we take a look at the...

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Intrinsically safe tools range from CorDEX
Our Intrinsically Safe Tools Range

Posted on: 9th, October 2015

From the success of our new product launch at Offshore Europe last month, we wanted to share with you...

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Why Choose Our Ex Digital Camera?

Posted on: 30th, September 2015

We’ve said it before, but at CorDEX we believe in the phrase “a picture says a thousand words”. Whether...

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CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Battery Pack
The EXIS Battery Pack Has Arrived

Posted on: 25th, September 2015

After all the hype surrounding the launch of our evolutionary and revolutionary new products, we can now reveal the EXIS...

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CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Hand Held Worklight - GENESIS Lighting
Introducing the New GENESIS Lighting Range

Posted on: 23rd, September 2015

You can now welcome power, longevity and flexibility to your fingertips with the new intrinsically safe GENESIS lighting solutions,...

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CorDEX TOUGHPIX II TRIDENT EDITION - Explosion Proof Digital Camera
Introducing the ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION

Posted on: 22nd, September 2015

We’re thrilled to introduce to you, the brand new CorDEX ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION. A one of a kind...

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