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Category: Products

New ToughPIX II Battery Pack
ToughPIX II Battery Pack: Updated

Posted on: 18th, December 2014

The new ToughPIX II Battery Pack is an evolution of the previous pack and is reverse compatible with all...

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image of transmission correction through Crystal IR Windows
Transmission Correction through Crystal IR Windows – Not so straight forward!

Posted on: 27th, March 2014

When using Crystal IR Windows in your predictive maintenance program you must firstly consider the fact that they are not...

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IW Series intelligent IR Window certification
IR Window Certification – Be careful, it’s a minefield of false information out there!

Posted on: 27th, February 2014

So the question you probably have is why is the IR Window certification process such a minefield. Well that...

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Image of transmission correction through polymer mesh IR Windows
Transmission Correction through Polymer Mesh IR Windows – Mission Impossible?

Posted on: 27th, January 2014

When looking at the Crystal IR Windows transmission diagrams, we have been able to assume that there is an...

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ToughPIX II, ATEX & IECEx Certified Digital Camera image
The weight is over – ToughPIX II has arrived.

Posted on: 25th, November 2013

No longer do you have to wait. The ToughPIX II is finally here! What gives the ToughPIX II it’s...

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IW Series intelligent IR Window certification
CorDEX Instruments IW Series Intelligent IR Windows are confirmed as arc flash resistant

Posted on: 18th, November 2013

CorDEX Instruments, manufacturer of high quality hand-held inspection & NDT devices for use within hazardous (potentially explosive) environments, is...

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TC7000 Radiometric, ATEX & IECEx Certified Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Camera
TC7000 – the World’s First Fully Radiometric, ATEX & IECEx Certified Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Camera

Posted on: 2nd, April 2013

The TC7000 is the world’s first and only fully radiometric, ATEX and IECEx certified, intrinsically safe thermal imager. What’s...

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CorDEX Intrinsically Safe TC7000 Thermal Imager
The world’s first Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imager

Posted on: 15th, March 2013

The ground breaking, TC7000 intrinsically safe radiometric thermal imaging camera from CorDEX Instruments provides industry with the means to...

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CorDEX Intelligent Infrared Windows comply with electrical safety standards
CorDEX Instruments launches Intelligent Infrared Windows to help comply with electrical safety standards

Posted on: 13th, June 2012

CorDEX Instruments has designed and manufactured a brand new range of Intelligent Infrared Windows which will increase the speed...

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Man at SABIC UK holding the CorDEX ATEX digital camera
SABIC UK focuses in on site safety with CorDEX’s next generation ATEX digital camera

Posted on: 21st, May 2012

Engineers at SABIC UK Petrochemicals Limited have improved equipment monitoring in hazardous areas with the help of the next...

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CorDEX receives international safety certification for UT5000
CorDEX welcomes international safety certification which will boost global sales of UT5000

Posted on: 17th, October 2011

CorDEX Instruments is gearing up for significant sales of its intrinsically safe thickness monitoring device after receiving an international...

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Man using CorDEX ATEX laserMETER 3000XP
Apex Tubulars adopts new CorDEX LaserMETER 3000XP to cut time and improve accuracy

Posted on: 2nd, June 2011

Aberdeen based Apex Tubulars, the largest independent casing and tubing inspection company in Europe, has speeded up the measuring...

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