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Category: Test and Measurement

UT5000 Ultrasonic thickness gauge
Why Choose Our Intrinsically Safe Thickness Gauge?

Posted on: 10th, December 2015

We know that your working environment is extremely tough, and that’s why you need our tools. At CorDEX we...

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RFID tags
RFID: How it works

Posted on: 3rd, December 2015

In the second part of our introduction to RFID, we’re going to look at TTF and ITF protocol, the...

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RFID chip
Introduction to RFID Technology

Posted on: 27th, November 2015

In the first part of our introduction to RFID, we take a look at its uses and the part...

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thermal imaging image
What is a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Posted on: 24th, July 2015

A thermal imaging camera can also be referred to as an infrared camera or thermal imager. At their most...

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pipeline corrosion blog image
Types of Pipeline Corrosion and Erosion

Posted on: 18th, June 2015

In our last blog we looked at the need for ultrasonic testing when it comes to monitoring the corrosion...

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pipeline on fire ultrasonic testing
Ultrasonic Testing and Corrosion Monitoring

Posted on: 16th, June 2015

We typically get asked questions about ultrasonic testing, especially in hazardous industrial areas. We’ve put an informative guide together...

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