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Installing TC to CONNECT software

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TC Connectivity


Detailed guidance below, I must stress that you need to allow the TC Drivers to install completely which can take several minutes otherwise Connect software will not recognise the device (standard driver installing icon on taskbar) before you are able to download the images to Connect.


Installing Your CorDEX TC Series


Before CONNECT™ can see the TC Series to download images and data the TC Series needs to be installed onto the computer. This is completely automatic for Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Connect the powered up TC to the computer using the provided USB cable. Your computer will recognise the connected device as a TC7000 or TC7150 and install the relevant drivers. (You may need to access the internet for this.) By clicking on the install message that appears you are given more information about what stage it is processing but this is not necessary.


Once the installation is complete Windows will show a notification box and the TC will display the USB connection screen. This may take up to five minutes and you can use your computer for other activities during the process.


In the event of difficulty with the installation, (some network’s security settings refuse to allow computers to access the installation files from the internet), you can go to: to install the drivers from the web


Accessing Your TC Data


Launch CONNECT™ with the TC attached and powered on and click on the CONNECT™ button. The CONNECT™ screen will then launch and look for a connected CorDEX Product. If it finds a TC it will switch to the TC tab and display a message that it needs to download the calibration tables for that TC. This is only necessary the first time each TC is connected. Click OK and CONNECT™ will attempt to download the tables from the CorDEX Server. This will take five to thirty seconds depending on your internet connection speed.


If it fails to connect to the server it will download the tables from the TC itself. This will take around a minute. CONNECT™ is unusable during this process but you can use your computer for other activities.

Once the tables are installed into CONNECT™ it asks you to supply an engineer or area name for the TC. These details are saved into your CONNECT™ Equipment Management area and are accessible for inclusion in generated reports.


Once Connected

Once the TC is connected and calibration tables installed CONNECT™ will download any tags that are stored in the TC and display them. It will also display how many images are on the TC along with the serial number.

Click on ‘Show Thumbnails’ and CONNECT™ will download the thumbnail for each image. If the image has been saved with a voice tag a speaker icon will be displayed. The default name for each image is the date and time it was saved.

Click on an image to highlight it and the ‘Download Image’ button is enabled. You can also double click to download an image straight away or use the Shift and CTRL buttons to multi-select same as in Windows Explorer. As you download each image it displays what it is doing at each stage.

Each image is downloaded into the Album appropriate for that camera. Images taken from a TC7000 will be stored in the TC7000 Album, likewise for the TC7150. The images can be moved between albums with ease in the Album View after they have been downloaded.

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