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MN4000/4100 Modbus Registers Scaling

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 MN4000/MN4100 Modbus registers scaling.

The Modbus register value represents the temperature that a particular pixel in the 80×60 IR is “seeing”

And its value is in Centi Kelvins. ( Degrees Kelvin multiplied by 100, example 293.68K =  29368 cK ) To convert this value to °C the following formula is used:-

°C = Mbreg – 27315 /100

Mbreg is numerical value of the register you wish to convert.

Example  Modbus register 40023     has value of 29368

To convert is        ( 29368 -27315 )  /100      = 20.53°C

Registers converted in this way will then display the temperature value in °C

If you want to enter a alarm set point into a PLC register then you would need to convert the input value in °C and then have it converted to centi K so that it is in the same format as the camera registers. The formula is:-

PLCreg  = ( °C x 100 ) + 27315

Example alarm set point to be set at 46°C

(46×100) +27315  = 31915

31915 is the value that would be entered into the PLC register.

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