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MN4000/4100 PLC BLOCKS

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MN4000/4100 PLC blocks

Available to download after registering.

The blocks available to download are as follows:-

This is the comms block which communicates to the camera over Modbus and retrieves 4800 pieces of data and stores them in the array ‘Temps’. Note the camera IP address is entered in Hex format.

This is the Area_MaxMinAv block  finds the hottest coolest and the average within a defined area which is set by the four parameters Area_TLx,Area_TLy,Area_BRx and Area_BRy

This is the Line_MaxMinAv which finds the hottest coolest and average within a defined range on a defined line set by the parameters Line_Lx,Line_Rx and Line_Ly.

This is the Area_Alarm block which sets the alarm bit if any element in a defined area goes beyond a setpoint. Alarm Type is set as Rising AlmType=0 or Falling AlmType=1 The alarm area being defined by the parameters Area_TLx,Area_TLy,Area_BRx and Area_BRy.The desired area alarm set point set by AreaAl_SP.

This is the Line_Alarm sets the alarm bit if any element in a defined area on a defined line goes beyond a set point Alarm. Type is set as Rising AlmType=0 or Falling AlmType=1. The 3 parameters defining the line are LineAI_Lx,LineAl_Rx and LineAl_Ly. The desired setpoint set by LineAl_SP.

This is the Delta_3point  block which returns the difference between the hottest and coolest of 3 points which can be used to look at for example  three phase bus bars.




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