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MN4000/4100 PLC and SCADA

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If the cameras are connected to a PLC then free of charges blocks are available to down load you just have to register.They are available for four of the most popular PLC’s. These blocks do all the hard work of coding the Modbus registers just pop them into your project and job nearly done. Just a few parameters to enter for each block and job done. Then use the data derived from these blocks as you require to implement your project. The camera can also be connected to SCADA packages such as DAQFactory the Modbus registers can be read and the data used as per your program also the optical image can be viewed (http:IP-address/vis.jpg) using the packages built in browser or HTML programing, the same goes for the thermal image (http:IP-address/ir.bmp) and most packages allow you to overlay them and adjust the luminosity and size of the thermal image.

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