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UT5000 Readings Not Correct

Home Technical Q&A UT5000 UT5000 Readings Not Correct


If the readings are not correct then do a two-point calibration (the quick start guide has it in)

And it is shown below: –

To calibrate UT5000 after attaching the probe:

  1. Calibration must be performed every time the probe is detached/attached.
  2. Ensure your probe lead is connected to your UT5000.
  3. Power on your UT5000.
  4. Press the setup key [SETUP].
  5. Highlight ‘transducer setup’ from the list using arrow keys, then press select key [SEL].
  6. Highlight ‘probe zero/cal double’ from the list using arrow keys, then press select key [SEL].
  7. Apply couplant gel to calibration step wedge on lowest and highest steps.
  8. Measure first step and then enter known step thickness.
  9. Repeat the measurement process for the opposite end of the calibration step wedge.
  10. Once this process is complete, your device has been two point calibrated.
  11. Make sure the orientation of the probe is kept the same when moving it from one step of the wedge to the other. See below: –

probe-l  —————————————————-probe-r

Position on first step                                                                                           position on second step

Above (1A) is correct below (1B) is incorrect: –

probe-l —————————————————-probe-l

Position on first step                                                position on second step

If method 1B is used a small error will be introduced as the transmit receive coils will not have been in the same orientation for both steps. The picture below shows you the two halves of the probe one side is transmit coil the other is the receive coil: –


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